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Chrysalis Collection

On the outside, Life looked pretty normal. Only you knew something more was going on inside, the fragile tenderness of some small inspiration taking shape. Perhaps your inner cushion was warm and safe. Perhaps it gave you shelter while a new, fragile self took root inside you. But one day, it was time. Ever so slowly this new, shimmering essence of soul probed the confines of its protective cocoon until, finding the right moment, burst forth in a blaze of light and freedom. Chrysalis, like the butterfly’s own cocoon, is a simple design imbued with layers of meaning, re-emerging in the Michou collections to symbolize new ideas, new freedom, and new-found strength taking shape on wings of glorious life. Delicate disc shapes form sheer membranes of lustrous silver, from which a singular glowing pearl emerges, cradled within a gold bezel, from gently torn edges rimmed in gold vermeil. Disc-shaped medallions are dimensional, crafted to represent emergence in its various stages, then strung by cord or chain onto necklace configurations, fashioned into pins, layered onto cuffs, or linked with ingenious button loops to form an endless bracelet. Michou’s Chrysalis collection symbolizes movement, transformation, and renewal. Wear it to embrace the cycle of birth and rebirth within you. Let your true self burst through its cocoon to emerge fully free. But know that where it goes from there is up to you.

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