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Spiral Magic Collection

Whenever the image of a spiral appears, the Mysterious and Unknown are somewhere nearby. Mathematicians call it the Golden Spiral. Mystics call it the Spiral Dance, a symbol of the soul’s continuous evolution of death, birth, and rebirth. Found within holy places on every continent, the spiral’s unique geometric precision is only part of this enduring enigma; its shape appears everywhere in nature, from powerful formations of the hurricane to the spiral arms of our Milky Way to the approach of a hawk to its prey. Michou invites you into Spiral Magic with the first in a series of collections wrapped around the mythical spiral theme. In this first incarnation, fluid movement and contrasting elements create a brilliant design both simple and pleasing to the eye. Smooth spheres of polished gold and gleaming discs of silver whirl in Fibonacci spirals around stones of peridot, amethyst, and rhodolite garnet. Soft bell-curve shapes form the dimensional element holding the Spiral Magic formations, spinning designs from playful pear shapes, clean circles, graceful ovals, and squared shields into link bracelets and cuffs, pins and pendant pieces suspended from chains, or graceful drop earrings and posts. From science to math, from Nature to Spirit, Spiral Magic speaks to the nature’s lasting riddle, bearing the energy of Life on its unending spiral journey.

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