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Cosmos Collection

Look deep enough into the nighttime heavens, and you’ll find faraway nebulae where primordial galaxies spin. Meteor showers swing between comet tails and zodiac signs, creating the shapes for Celestial, Michou’s latest inspiration. Matted silver is gently hammered into graceful obelisks and rounded shields, then sculpted into gold discs of sun and silver discs of moon. Swirling formations chart the deep heavens amid spirals, moon shapes, and spinning patterns...the very stardust from which we are made. The Celestial collection captures the ancient dance of the skies with an exotic array of whirling pins, floating pendants, earring hoops, and striking wrist cuffs, each lighter than air. Like moons in orbit, golden bezels and tiny cosmic shapes circle faceted stones in star formations of blue-violet iolite, the unearthly glow of labradorite, the sharp sparkle of cool blue topaz, and the deep brilliance of glacier blue topaz. The unusual textures of the Celestial collection defy gravity with Michou’s signature play of silver against gold amid constellations perfect for an evening spent contemplating the heavens.

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