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April Theme A sea of green is created by a myriad of stones combining to create the green palette for Michou’s one of a kind collection. For spring 2020 Prehnite, peridot, green flash labradorite, chrome diopside, green touramaline, and green envy topaz are highlighted.

“Prehnite is one of my favorites as it is the color of my husband’s eyes” – Michele Sonner - Designer

Green is the color of Spring, Hope and Renewal. It assists us in focusing on health and vitality – very important for us all at this time. It is about using the energy stored in those first shoots that are coming out of the ground to create a joyful future. It is time to get up early and celebrate.

Affirmation from Louise Hay: I joyfully pull the weeds of negativity from within my consciousness. The power of the universe backs me in this endeavor and I have boundless energy. I get things done easily and quickly. I build firm foundations for tomorrow. I am healthy in body mind and spirit.